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Here you can find all our unique handcrafted silver gifts listed alpahbetically.

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Silver Adoption Bell necklace - parent and child
Adoption Bell necklace

This Bell is dedicated to the special love that adoption represents.

Silver Afternoon Tea Bell Necklace
Afternoon Tea Bell necklace

With a tea kettle bail and a cup and saucer clapper, this silver bell pendant is perfect for anyone who has fond memories of childhood tea parties or meeting friends for tea as an adult. The bell is carved in the shape of a flower with a vine and leaf design gracing its sides.

Silver All Sewn Up Bell necklace
All Sewn Up Bell necklace

Know a quilter?

Then this is the perfect bell for them. The bell body features a quilt pattern with a button rim, the bail is a sewing machine, and the clapper is a pair of scissors.

Silver Angel Bell Necklace
Angel Bell necklace

This piece of handcrafted silver jewelry is adorned with angels on all four sides, two with open arms and two with their hands clasped in prayer.

Silver Angel Bell Charm
Angel Charm Bell

This silver charm bell is adorned with angels on all four sides, two with open arms and two with their hands clasped in prayer.


Silver Autism Bell Necklace
Autism Bell necklace

This pendant features puzzle piece cut outs in the bell and a child clasping its knees for the clapper. Inspired by the mother of an Autistic child that John met, this bell was created for anyone who loves an Autistic child.

Silver Bell of Christ Charm Bell
Bell of Christ Charm


This is the perfect charm to remind you God is watching over you and loves you. The Bell of Christ Charm Bell has three crosses around its sides with hearts in between to remind us of His eternal love.

Silver Bell of Christ Necklace
Bell of Christ necklace

The Bell of Christ depicts three crosses around its shape. Hearts are prominent to remind us of His eternal love, while the clapper resembles one of the nails that held His body to the cross.

Sterling Silver Birdhouse Bell Necklace
Birdhouse Bell necklace

Celebrate your love for backyard wildlife with this beautifully detailed piece of handmade jewelry! While a bird takes flight over the birdhouse, the flower blossom clapper gently rings the bell.

Silver Butterfly Necklace Bell
Butterfly Bell necklace

Adorned with butterflies this bell has been a favorite of our nature collection for years.

Silver Cat Bell Necklace
Cat Bell necklace

This silver bell necklace is unique because the cat's head turns, the only other bell that has this feature is the dog bell. The tail forms the clapper and the bail is a ball of yarn.

Silver Cat Charm Bell
Cat Charm Bell

This little cat charm is the perfect gift for the cat lover.

Sterling Silver Celtic Bell Necklace
Celtic Bell necklace

Decorated with traditional Celtic style knots, this bell is sure to please anyone who appreciates Celtic inspired design.



Silver Celtic Charm Bell - heart side
Celtic Charm Bell

We created this charm to reflect the intricate artistry of Celtic design.

Silver Claddagh Bell Necklace
Claddagh Bell necklace

The Claddagh Bell represents the famous Irish Folk tale, about a townsman kidnapped into slavery, who returns to present a ring to his true love.