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Special Discount For The New Dolphin Bell

Dolphin Bell


Dolphin Bell


With summer rapidly approaching, we are proud to announce the release of the Dolphin Bell. This bell features several Dolphins on the bell as well as sea turtles on the bail and swimming among the dolphins.


The Dolphin Bell comes with a story card that reads:

For those who love the beauty and romance of the sea, dolphins, with their friendly appearance, are the perfect ambassadors as they always seem to be smiling. They glide gracefully and effortlessly through the water of their ocean playground with the boundless energy of children at play. The turtle bail and conch clapper complete this graceful bell.


We are offering our newsletter subscribers a code for $10 off this new bell. Don't wait, this discount will expire in four days, expires March. 27, 2012


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Sea Turtle Earrings


Turtle earrings


These earrings are perfect for anyone who loves turtles or the sea. They match both of our sea themed bells, the  Sea Turtle Bell and Dolphin Bell. Hanging from French wires, they glisten and shine as they swing freely.


We are offering you a  code for $5 off these earrings. Don't wait, this discount will expire in three days, expires March 26, 2012.


CODE: sea

Upcoming Shows in 2012


For the weekend of March 31 we can be found in:
Las Vegas

Memphis TN

Greensboro NC


For hours and driving directions to these and other upcoming shows, visit our "events" page on facebook.

A Letter From One Of Our Friends



The box with the bells arrived on either Thursday or Friday a week   or so ago.....
(can't remember which)...

Anyway, Patches had just finished doing a follow-up interview with   KPRC the local NBC
affiliate on Friday I think, and on Sunday   afternoon she turned to her husband Kent
and told him she did not  feel well.  Well, he ended up rushing her to the Emergency
Room, and  her blood sugar was at 400! They nearly lost her.

I did not know she was diabetic. Her mother later told me that she  had only recently found this out, and that during the trial and the  week or so afterwords, she was not taking her meds, or eating correctly. It was a nightmare..... she was in ICU from Sunday until Wednesday.  She was very, very sick.

Well, they released her last Thursday, and she was at home when she emailed me last week.

When Glenda and Cindy came to the hospital to see her, she made her   Mom, Linda go home to get the bells.  They called me on their cell  phones a bit later and were THRILLED with them. They said they all stood in Patches room and cried their eyes out, so I would say I think they were a BIG hit.

I am back to wearing my new dove bell to work.  I guess it's hard for me to break old
habits.  The angel bell has a louder ring to it, and I took a bit of kidding at work. They said I sounded like a cat wearing a cat collar!  Whatever!

So please tell everyone that all the ladies LOVED the bells and said they will wear
them all the time.  We need to take a day and drive over to Austin to meet you all.  
Perhaps once the holidays are over   and their lives calm down..... and I get going on
my fund raising for them, we can come and meet everyone.

I am still hoping for a frog bell one of these days.

A BIG HUG back to all of you for your talent and caring and for making so many ladies

Blessings to all of you.




Angel Bell  Frog Bell


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04/17/2013 at 10:58:22 PM

You certainly have a beautiful collection. I even like those that have been retired. We all need to get back to our Bibles and I am considering getting you to bring it back. God Bless you Edna Day