Back to School Collection

Teachers and students alike are headed back to school!  Pencils, books, erasers, new friends and old are the order of the day.  Each school year is a new chapter.  A new opportunity for learning and making new friends.

Almost everyone can remember an exceptional teacher that played a special role in their life.  Teachers have a love for students and educating that extends beyond the classroom. Teachers listen, coach, mentor, teach us life skills and inspire us.

We are honoring teachers with our newly released Teacher Bell Pendant!

Teacher Bell Pendant

God has placed very special people in our paths, Teachers. The very best have a life long impact on us and will leave everlasting impressions on our lives. This bell is a reminder of all that you have done in my life. “… and He continued there, teaching the Word among them” Acts 18:11

Thank your favorite teacher or let your child’s teachers know you appreciate them with our Teacher Bell Pendant or Charm! Our original Teacher Bell Pendant is also still available.

We have a special Back to School Collection for students, athletes and their supporters too!  Whatever the interest of your student, we have the charm to match: from baseball, softball, football, and cheerleading to music and agriculture.  You can celebrate your student’s special interest.  Several of our charms can even be engraved with a name or team number!  Show your spirit this season with a pendant or charm that you can wear to games to cheer on your team.

Music is expressive, graceful, fun, and romantic. This enchanting bell is crafted with staff lines and floating treble clefs. Its dancing clapper is an eighth note and the bail is a whole note. Its lovely jingle will remind you of your love of music.

Music is expressive, graceful, fun, and romantic. This enchanting bell is crafted with staff lines and floating treble clefs. Its dancing clapper is a bass clef. Its lovely jingle will remind you of your love of music.

One of America’s favorite pastimes is cheering for our favorite team. From Little League to High School, College to Pros, Volleyball to Basketball, and Soccer to Football, we love our teams! Each clapper signifies a different sport. Wear your bell proudly to show support for your team. We’re #1!

You’ve been a friend like no other friend. God sends us special people with warm hearts and creates within us enduring ties of friendship. You are my friend and I have always cherished our times together. What happy, sweet memories we have! Thanks for being there for me every step of the way. Bell reads – “Warm hearts. Enduring ties. FRIENDS.”

The bell celebrates the beginning of a new chapter in life and also the exciting thought of accomplishing a goal. An important time like this is worth remembering. The clapper on the bell is a clock’s pendulum Representing time with the graduation year engraved on it. Congratulations for achieving this goal and may it reflect on future achievements.

Livestock Show Charm Bell

This sterling silver Livestock Charm Bell is in the shape of a cow bell with sheep on one side and a pig on the other.

For all the baseball or softball fans. This charm can be added to any charm bracelet.  (This charm can also be engraved.)

Great way to show your football spirit.  (This charm can also be engraved.)

We hope the Back to School Collection will remind you of the good things in life like favorite teachers, school days, friends, and your favorite team!