Alzheimer’s Bells

National Alzheimer's Awareness MonthIt was President Reagan who, 11 years before his own diagnosis, declared November as National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raise awareness for not only the disease, but also, the heavy burden shouldered by those who love and care for patients. The Alzheimer’s [...]

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Quilting Collection

Shop our Quilting Collection of Sterling Silver Bells. The Quilting Bell pendants & bell charms are handcrafted in Round Rock,TX. Perfect gift for someone who loves to quilt. It means so much to wrap yourself in a quilt made with love. Wrapped in a cozy quilt which took creativity, skill, passion [...]

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Butterfly Collection

The butterfly is a strong symbol of resurrection. Its metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a chrysalis and finally a butterfly, parallel the resurrection of Christ, and reminds us of God’s beautiful, wondrous works.

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The Back to School Bell Collection

Teachers and students alike are headed back to school!  Pencils, books, erasers, new friends and old are the order of the day.  Each school year is a new chapter.  A new opportunity for learning and making new friends. Almost everyone can remember an exceptional teacher that played a special role in their life.  [...]

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Summer Beach Collection

Sandy feet, sunscreen and the smell of salt from the sea is the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of summer! What better way to reminisce on your fun in the sun than with a bell that reminds you of all those marvelous times? Our Summer Beach Collection was created to help you commemorate [...]

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