Do you have a favorite time of the year?  Well, ours just might be Christmas time!  Have you seen our Christmas Collection

This time of year is special for many different reasons—cuddling up when the weather is cold, decorating Christmas trees with sparkling lights, family gathered round, sipping hot cocoa, eating gingerbread, and time off from our daily routines to reflect on the end of the year and focus on the important things.  While Christmas is a time for holiday fun, gifts, Santa Claus, decorations and Christmas trees, we are also celebrating something extremely significant—the birth of our Savior. 

The reason we celebrate Christmas is because of Easter.  Easter is still a few months away, but humanity received the ultimate gift on Easter, Christ’s death on the cross, a grace that covers all our sins.

Our Sand Dollar Bell Pendant is an especially poignant reminder of the important connection between the two holidays.  A Sand Dollar may not seem like a traditional symbol of Christmas, but there is a beautiful story represented on this shell.

The legend of the Sand dollar, that I would like to tell, of the birth and death of Jesus, found in this lovely shell.  If you will examine closely, you’ll see that you find here, four nail holes a fifth one, made by a Roman’s spear.  On one side the Easter Lily, its center is the star, that appeared unto the shepherds, and led them from afar.  The Christmas Poinsettia, etched on the other side, reminds us of his birthday, our happy Christmas tide.  Now break the center open, and here you will release, the five white doves awaiting, to spread goodwill and peace, this simple little symbol, Christ left for you and me.

The Sand Dollar Bell Pendant 

The Sand Dollar Legend is an Easter and Christmas favorite which tells the story of five slits representing the wounds on Christ when on the cross, the Easter lily with a star in the middle represents the star of Bethlehem and on the back is the outline of a Poinsettia, the Christmas flower.

The Christmas Collection


Santa Sterling Silver Bell Pendant Necklace

The Santa Bell Pendant

Many secrets are hidden in Santa’s knowing grin. One may be the gift he’s hiding behind his back. With a holly leaf bail and an old-fashioned ornament clapper, he seems to come alive. Enjoy this collectible for many years to come.

Snowman Sterling Silver Bell Pendant Necklace 

The Snowman Bell Pendant

The jolly snowman with top hat and breezy scarf is a winter favorite. With his broom clapper and snowflake bail, he comes alive with his delicate ring. Come celebrate the chilly days of winter!

Holiday Memories Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

The Holiday Memories Bell Pendant

Just as our Gingerbread house fills you with memories of Holidays gone by. We Thank God for those with the wisdom to fill their homes with great riches of memories made together as a family.

We love all the traditional symbols of Christmas from Christmas Trees to Gingerbread Houses, Santa Claus, Snowflakes, and Snowmen, but we know the real reason for the season.  We are proud to offer a Christmas Collection that includes all of the above and faith-based gifts like a Nativity Bell Pendant, an Angel Bell Pendant and our most popular Bell of Christ Pendant!


The Nativity Bell Pendant

Nativity Sterling Silver Bell Pendant Necklace


Truly a work of art that fittingly depicts the birth of God’s beloved son. The bail represents the star of Bethlehem, while four scenes portray Mary & Joseph’s search for shelter, a shepherd, a wise man following the star and baby Jesus in a manger.

We wish you a joyous and blessed holiday season!