I called John (and another girl, sorry forgot your name) couple weeks ago asking what would be best for my grandma’s 90th (yes) birthday and she finally received it! Her reaction brought me to tears. But, happy ones! I have been following y’all for years now. We first met back at Grapefest (Grapevine,tx) and I wanted to buy but, grabbed a card instead. That could have easily been around 7-8 years ago. I just wanted to share the blessing you have given my heart seeing my grandma’s joy!

– Lindsey H.

For Christmas from my parents I received my first bell. It was the Teddy Bell. I am a huge teddy bear collector so this bell is perfect for me. I am hooked on your bells. My mother owns two of your bells. I have started a wish list for more bells. Top on my list is the Autism Bell. I am an adult on the Autism Spectrum. I have what is called Asperger Syndrome. I am also a huge cross-Stitcher,would it be possible in the near future for you to make a Cross-Stitchers Bell. Keep up the wonderful work you do.

– Treena S.

Dear John, My sister and I met you at Chi-Omega this year, I have been coming to Chi-Omega for 20 years and I was always intrigued by your bells. I always stopped and jingled them, but never bought one. My sister and I have not been on good terms for about 10 years, until last year when both of our parents fell ill. This year the bells called to me and I bought 4, one was for sisters and I cried when I gave it to her while talking to you. I told her we needed to mark the occasion, and you said, I am touched by what I just witnessed. The deeper story is that our Mother had fallen and broke her hip earlier that week, and we had been at the hospital every day. My Father told her to take me to Chi-Omega to give us a break. Little did we know that our Mother would have a series of massive strokes, and we wouldn’t be bringing her home. We prayed over her last Thursday and a God took her to Heaven. When her Mother passed away almost 40 years ago, my Mother bought us girls bracelets to remember her. I wore my bells everyday to the hospital and I have ordered 3 Grandmother bells for my 2 daughters and my niece. I couldn’t think of anything more comforting than that bell. My niece actually called her Memaw. I told them over and over, Every time a bell rings, an Angel gets their wings. And my Mother earned hers. I wanted you to know how much they have touched my life. And know they will touch theirs as well. I wear my Grandmother, next to The key to my heart. I hope to add one or two more in the future, but now I’m just comforted to hear them jingle. Thank you, and have a Very Merry Christmas. God Bless you for what you have been chosen to do!

– Robyn G.

I absolutely loved the bell and chain – as did my friend who I gave it to for her birthday.  I actually saw your booth at the Virginia Beach Neptune boardwalk art show and spoke with the gentleman there.  It gave me an opportunity to see all the bells up close and personal.  I will be back to order additional bells I can promise you…. they are beautiful.

– Lori S.

I recently purchased a nurse’s bell and charm bracelet for a dear friend who has been a caring nurse for years. She Loved it!!! I am so happy with my purchase. It was so nice to meet you in Albuquerque.

– Kathleen P.

I just received my bell. There are no words only tears that I say Thank You Thank You. As I open the box it chimed – what an impact it had on me. I will always hold this as one of my treasures. With every chime and the message on all sides of the bell are so special. I know my son is smiling on this. Thank You Ever So Much, May you always be Blessed for Your Kindness.

– Sue N.

I love my Seantel Cross Earrings! They are beautiful. I also have the butterfly earrings. As always, thank you! I bought my daughters, daughters in-laws, nieces, and myself various bell necklaces over the years. I love the workmanship♡. I tell everyone about The Bell Collection. God bless you

– Debra H.